About NewlypreneursWho are the NewlyPreneurs?

We are Nessa and EJ – a couple of 20-something year old newlyweds, traveling the world. And we are on a mission to help you get out of your 9-5 job by building your very own Amazon business.

That’s right, we are sick of the corporate B.S. and are looking to help those of you who feel the same.

In 2015 we made the decision to quit our full-time jobs to grow our Amazon FBA business so we can have the freedom to travel the world. Just a few months later, in December, we’re already living the Digital Nomad lifestyle!

For many, shifting gears from making money offline to online can be difficult.

However, we took the least path of resistance with something called Retail Arbitrage.

Sounds fancy, right? Well, it’s not. It is essentially when you buy a product at a local retailer and sell it online for a mark up. For us, our go-to is Amazon FBA.

We’ve found that A LOT of newbie Amazon sellers get discouraged quickly because they try their hand at very high level sales, like importing products, before they have even sold one product online!  It’s like going from Tee-ball to the Big Leagues. (Not gonna happen!)

Here at Newlyprenuers we recommend you you hit the ground running with Retail & Online Arbitrage. Couple these simply sourcing methods with the beauty of Amazon FBA, and you’re sure to start crushing it from the get-go.

ANYONE CAN DO THIS! As long as you have the ability to shop, create an Amazon account and drop off products at the UPS store, the possibilities are endless. The most important part is consistently taking action and not letting the typical beginner obstacles stand in the way of your potential gold mine of a business.

In April 2014 we started selling via Amazon FBA, and now we average 5-figures a month in Amazon revenue, with our best month yielding $43,769! (Find out exactly how we’re doing with our monthly income reports.)

Whether you just want to pad your 9-5 income with a few hundred dollars a month or completely replace it, we’re here to fuel that fire inside of you that made you decide to start an online business in the first place.

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Our Story

ushomepageIn November 2012, Nessa and I moved from New York to San Diego without ever visiting California or knowing a soul in this city. (Some may call that ballsy, but we call it destiny!)

Yup, we pretty much packed our 4 door sedan full and drove out here.

Although I had a job lined up, I was taking a significant pay cut to make this move. And on top of that, Nessa and I were living together for the first time and she was a full time student getting her Master’s Degree.

So, you can imagine that we were strapped for cash. Not to mention the fact that I HATED my job!

After 4 months in my lousy job, I was contacted to interview for another company. And they apparently liked me enough to hire me, pay me more and offer fantastic benefits. (What more could I ask for?)

But you know the saying, “The grass is always greener on the other side.”

And for me, after I came off of the “high” of the new job, I started to realize that I didn’t want to work for someone’s company.

No, I wanted to start my own. And Nessa felt the same way. (That’s why we’re married. 🙂 Well, it’s not the only reason.)

Yes, I know. So many people say, “EJ, you have a great job, great benefits and you’re on a career path, why throw that away?”

The answer is easy. Nessa and I want 4 things out of our business:

  • Freedom to work whenever, wherever we want
  • Working to live, rather than living to work
  • Unlimited earnings potential
  • Ability to work together

Unfortunately, these aren’t typical benefits of working a 9-5 job.

While trying to figure things out, one day Nessa started randomly selling some of the items we had around the house which she said we never used – like my video games and DVD collection. 🙁

First she started off on Craigslist, then eBay, and then Amazon.

I saw how she was having success, so I joined the party. (No, I didn’t start selling her shoes.)

With an immense collection of hockey cards gathering dust in the closet, I started to get my feet wet selling them on eBay. And I made a few dollars here and there. (I wouldn’t recommend getting into selling hockey cards online. Let’s call that your first free piece of advice.)

And then, the AHA moment!

Since we both worked in retail, we started to realize all of these products that would go on clearance, selling at 50%+ discounts. And we’d often be shocked by the type of products that retailers clearance. It’s not unexpected to see top sellers go bye-bye, to make room for new-and-improved models. (Hey, even Ford completely overhauled their top selling F-150 by going with an aluminum frame. Companies take chances even on their hot products.)

So we began to wonder what the market was like for these products online.

And then, in the midst of our online sales dabbling, I happened to be in a big box store and saw this item on the clearance rack which was $98 and had been selling full price for $168. With our curiosity rapidly increasing, I decided to take action and buy the product and sell it on Amazon.

After getting home, Nessa and I created our Amazon FBM listing, and then we waited. Within only 3 days we sold it!

WOW! We were so excited. After Amazon fees, we profited $18!

So we jotted down the buyer’s shipping address and took the product to the post office. But when we got there, we soon realized how little we knew. Because shipping this over-sized box cost us $20!

Yup, we lost $2 in the deal.

While it was a small loss, it was a great learning experience. After getting our first sale we saw the potential, but we also found out how diligent you need to be so you don’t lose your shirt. (Not that we would call a $2 loss, losing your shirt.)

That’s when we went to the drawing board, did a serious amount of research and figured out how to make the most money selling products on Amazon. Of course, that was the moment where we discovered Amazon FBA.

And boy, have we made some major strides!

After losing money on our first sale, we have grown our profits incrementally month after month.

Not only have we expanded the amount of stores we shop in, but we increased the number of categories we sell in on Amazon. As a result, our income has started to spike.

In only our first year of business, we averaged over $10,000/month in sales revenue, with approximately 30% of that being profit.

Oh yea, we only spent 15 hours a week doing this…(Not including the time I spent looking at our stats. I’m addicted, but I’m working on getting better.)

Sound too good to be true? So did we, until we took action!

The icing on the cake was when Nessa quit her job in April and I quit mine in July 2015.

Since then, we have worked diligently to scale and automate our Amazon FBA business, which has not only allowed us to make more money in less time but travel the world and live the lifestyle of our dreams!

Why NewlyPreneurs? Newlypreneurs.com EJ & Nessa

Since we started our Amazon FBA business, we have always felt this passion to help others.

Honestly, once you start earning money with Amazon FBA, you will want to start sharing your success with friends and family too. (Unless you found a smoking deal that you want to keep all for yourself. We understand.)

And that’s what we’re here for.

We know how much success and fun you can have doing this, and we want you to get off to a fast start in your Amazon FBA business.

So, we’ll show you all the ins and outs of:

  • Getting started selling on Amazon
  • Sourcing products via Retail Arbitrage (RA) and Online Arbitrage (OA)
  • Analyzing products to sell
  • Optimizing your listings
  • Lowering your overhead costs
  • Tools we use to successfully sell on Amazon
  • Making your online business into your full-time “job”
  • Scaling and automating your business so you can live the lifestyle of your dreams!

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