FBA Amazon Income Report

Welcome to the NewlyPreneurs’ Income Report! We want to help you succeed by inspiring you to strive for a lifestyle where you are in control. We want to show you how an Amazon FBA business can be easily started by anyone AND from anywhere!

By publishing our monthly income report you will be able to see that this is possible, wherever you are in the world. As we publish this report, we will breakdown our successes and challenges, and of course, what country we call our #NewlypreneursHQ.

Whether you are just starting out or looking to grow your existing business, we’re sure that this income report will get you thinking and taking action, one way or another.

Now, let’s get down to business!

The Newlypreneurs’ FBA Business netted a sweet $11,795.44 in profit this November, solely from selling on Amazon.com. November was our last month in San Diego and despite being really busy selling everything that did not fit into our backpack we did some Retail Arbitrage (RA) runs that were pretty successful.

In a “last ditch effort” to send inventory for the madness of Q4, we filled up carts of merchandise to bring back to our almost empty apartment. Yes, it there was a sense of sadness knowing that it would likely be our last Retail Arbitrage runs, probably forever.  In addition, we kept the Online Arbitrage (OA) action flowing, doing about 1o hours weekly with.

We also continued to have success with our Private Label (PL) product, racking up 97 sales in November. (With nearly 15 units sold on Black Friday!) This despite the fact that we continued to raise the price until it was almost triple our original price, to prevent us from running out of stock. (We only had 100 units and, well, we ran out of stock anyway.)

PL November 2015

On a more personal note, since it was our last month in San Diego we did everything we could to enjoy every last day in such a beautiful, sunny town. (If you didn’t know, we moved to Quebec City, Canada from December 1st until January 5th.) We surfed almost everyday, went on bike rides, visited some of our favorite restaurants for the “last” time and explored places that we have grown to love over the past 3 years…and of course, spent lots of time with good friends.

You see, an Amazon FBA biz gives you plenty of freedom to go travel and spend more time with family and friends, because AMAZON is a “Selling Machine” that works for you CONSTANTLY.

You just have to make sure you feed the sh*t out of your “Monster“, and you’ll be on the fast track. For us, this biz is all about supporting our lifestyle, traveling the world and, most importantly, having the freedom we craved so much in our “normal” 9-5 jobs.

Income Figures

Income november 2015

*As you know, refunds and returns are part of selling on Amazon. Even though you strive for the lowest percentage of returns possible and have high quality standards, returns are inevitable. Basically, it means that you’re selling. So don’t get all bogged down.

That said, in November (Again!) we got hit with returns of high ticket items, so it definitely impacted our bottom line. However, not all of them were unfulfillable and many we got reimbursed for or can resell in Used condition.

As it stands, our 90 day return rate is around 5%, but when you sell big ticket items like we do it’s the dollar amount that hurts, not the unit amount. Ughhh…


We have included all of our operating expenses and ALL the different fees charged by Amazon.  Seriously, when we tell you our profitability, we aren’t hiding anything. I think the only expense not included in here is our rent and cell phone.

Please note, some of these expenses did not exist when we got started, however, we feel they are necessary to support the current size of our business.

Expenses and Net profit November 2015

Softwares & Services We Use and Recommend ->

Softwares Subscription: 

Inventory Lab ($40/month)

Feedback Genius  ($20/month)

Merchant Words ($9/month) ***70% off forever with the Friends of Skip discount

Fees to Service Providers: 

FBA Fulfillment Company (Variable)

The Bottom Line Accountants ($50/month)  ***Includes Hubdoc and Xero Montlhy Membership

See more tools and software that we use daily in our business by visiting Our Resources Section!

Net Profit

After crunching all of those numbers above, we wrapped up November with 29.82% in Net Profit, totaling a nice $11,795.44. A sweet new record of net profit for the NewlyPreneurs’ FBA Business!

One month remaining in this crazy year of taking this business full time, and let me tell you, we don’t regret one bit of our venture. In less than a year, we were able to both quit our 9-5 jobs, replace our income and become Digital Nomads.

We are so grateful for this opportunity, and we believe that you too can create the life of your dream and we are here to help you every step of the way.

Why make the same mistakes that we did when you can follow us and have the “short cut” opportunity? I am not saying that this business doesn’t take time, hard work and sacrifice, but here @NewlyPreneursHQ we strongly believe that together we can strive!

Catch you in the comments,


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