Are You Looking For The Best Amazon Private Label Product To Sell?

Then you are going to need this Product Research Tracker that will not only give you the most important data to track, but organize those important pieces of data into a format that is easy to sort through and find the best Amazon Private Label products to sell.

I get it. You’re probably chomping at the bit to find your newest (or first) Amazon Private Label product. But, before you go rushing ahead, you’ll want to get at least 10-20 products on your spreadsheet before you do any sort of decision making. Don’t forget, as much as I want you to find a product to sell that you actually like, the numbers need to make sense!

While there are very complicated Amazon Private Label workbooks available to track all of your data, you don’t have to get too crazy just yet. I’ve made a very easy to use but effective spreadsheet that tracks the most important factors of the best Amazon Private Label Products.


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I’m going to walk through the steps of finding this data on the Amazon listing and with some of the best tools for Amazon Private Label product research. Here’s the short list:

Helium 10 for Keyword Research
Jungle Scout Extension for Sales Data
Keepa Amazon Price Tracker for Price and Best Sellers Rank history

So, let’s get into the video to analyze and track the data for this Amazon Private Label product in an organized manner.

Believe me, staying organized is vital in this business. The better you are at gathering your product research data, the better equipped you will be to find the best Amazon Private Label product to sell.


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