$0-$30K: How Our Amazon Sales Exploded in 12 Months

sell on amazon fba
Is it just me, or is one of the most frequently asked questions about this Amazon FBA business, "How much do I need to get started?" We've been selling on Amazon for almost 2 years now, and it seems like this question gets asked a lot and the general consensus is $5,000. Seriously, $5,000? Why? It sounds like a nice number, but realistically it varies greatly from person to person. That's why w...
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How Our FBA Business Has Changed Our Lives

FBA Changed Our Lives
Over the past 6 months Nessa and I have been focused on delivering content that friends, family, peers and YOU can use to take action and start your own Amazon business. But you know what, it’s not just about business to us. It’s about our lifestyle. And we don’t want to come off as being strictly biz, because that just ain’t the case. We’re a young couple that loves to be spontaneous, trav...
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Our Top 5 Favorite Stores To Shop For Clearance Products

Our Top 5 Favorite Stores To Shop For Clearance copy
Are you just starting out and wonder where the heck we score all of our amazing deals? Look no further, because I am going to tell you what our top 5 favorite stores are. Not only that, I’ll give you some insight as to what to look for when you decide to hit these retailers up yourself. Home Depot “More Saving, More Doing.” Not many people embody this slogan better than Nessa and I. Only we ...
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