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On this page you’ll find all the Templates that we use related to Refunds and Returns.

So, please, feel free to copy our templates word-for-word.

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Amazon Refund Tracker Spreadsheet

This is our EXACT Spreadsheet template that we use for tracking Refunds. It includes our color code system, examples, and 12 months of  Refund tracking.



Email Template For Refunds Not Returned & Not Reimbursed 

The core of the Reimbursements come from this. When the customer is Refunded, doesn’t Return the product after 45 days AND you aren’t automatically Reimbursed, plug your findings into this email and fire it off to Amazon.

-> Contact Amazon Here



Email Template For “Reimbursements” Not Reimbursed

In the first bonus section of the guide, we covered how to ensure that you are actually Reimbursed after Seller Support states that they’ve submitted a Reimbursement or your Returns Fulfillment Report shows the Return status of “Reimbursed.” If they accidentally didn’t issue your Reimbursement, use this template to let them know and get your money!

-> Contact Amazon Here



Email Template For Products From Removal Orders

If you receive an item back from a Removal Order, and you feel that the Customer violated Amazon’s Return Policy, use this template to describe the issue to Amazon and claim a Reimbursement!

-> Contact Amazon Here