FBA Changed Our Lives

Over the past 6 months Nessa and I have been focused on delivering content that friends, family, peers and YOU can use to take action and start your own Amazon business. But you know what, it’s not just about business to us. It’s about our lifestyle. And we don’t want to come off as being strictly biz, because that just ain’t the case.

We’re a young couple that loves to be spontaneous, travel the world and just be silly. That’s why we got into this business. (Or maybe this business got into us, I don’t know.) Either way, we love the freedom that we get from having a “full-time” FBA business.

Sooooo, we wanted to switch things up this week and give you a look into what our lives have been like since we started taking things seriously with our FBA business. At minimum, we hope you find inspiration in what you’ll read. At best, you’ll take that inspiration and turn it into action!

Continuously Growing Our Income

If you’ve read our About Us page, you probably already have a good idea what we’re all about. But if you haven’t, or you need a refresher, we started out selling items around the house. It’s pretty funny when we check our very first “Sales Summary,” because it gives us a glimpse of what we started with.

Sales March 2014

Our first month of sales totaled $174.94 in March 2014, and our last month of sales totaled $29,404.58 in September 2015. That’s a staggering 16,708% sales increase in just about a year and a half! Crazy to think about it like that, but that’s a certain possibility if you go for it. (Teaser alert: We’ll get more into our numbers when we release our first income report in October!)

Screen Shot 2015-09-30 at 2.15.44 PM

In the first year or so this money was used as “extra” disposable income. And there’s no doubt we enjoyed having this “side income” for playtime. But then…

We Decided To Quit Our Jobswequietourjob

We were continuing to see success with our business, simply by going for the low hanging fruit and not putting much time or effort into it. That’s until we got to the point where we knew that our 9-5 jobs were not giving us the lifestyle that we longed for.

So, instead of using that money as extra disposable income, we decided to reinvest it into buying inventory, with the goal of building a big enough business that we could quit our day jobs and pursue the lifestyle of our dreams. That lifestyle is none other than having Ultimate Freedom!….and working with my soulmate everyday of course. 😉

The decision was made in January of this year, and by March we had our biggest month ever! We have had ups and downs, but over each two week payout came in, we noticed a consistent growth in sales, profit or both.

After enough growth, we knew it was TIME. In April, Nessa quit her job and in July I, the “career man”, gave my resignation. Just like that, we were officially NewlyPreneurs!

Having Fun Working Together 2015-09-26 10.19.54

It can feel strange to go from the “security” of a 9-5 to the “uncertainty” of running your own business. But Nessa and I really work great as a team and we complement each other in almost every aspect of the business. She does Yoga in the morning and I surf, I make coffee and breakfast and she makes lunch, she does the accounting and I do most of the spending, you get the point. Lots of Ying and Yang.

Working together has been a blast and we enjoy every minute. In the past, I was off to work first thing in the morning and wouldn’t get back until 8pm most of the times. Between traveling for work and Nessa working Friday-Sunday we didn’t find much time for us to spend together, and boy, were we missing that! Those times have really made us appreciate what we have now.

Taking “Business Trips” At Our Own Discretion

Like I said, we LOVE to travel. Whether it be domestic or international, we enjoy every moment. But working in Retail with such opposite work schedules turned our vacations into “take your wife to work day.” (You can comment in the posts if you want to know more about that, but let’s just say that it was one of the highlights of my career with my former company.)Alpesejnessa

Now that we are free to do what we want when we want, we have taken full advantage just in the past two months.

Yes, we’ve gone from surfing in San Diego, to playing our odds in Vegas, to Salt Lake City, to camping in Yellowstone, to watching the sunset in the Grand Tetons and rounding it out with a f@^ing Catalina wine mixer! All of that in just two months.



Next on the agenda is visiting my mom for a week in South Carolina and venturing our way up to the Smokey Mountains in North Carolina. The beauty is that our business didn’t sacrifice one bit on our travels. That’s because FBA is so amazingly automated. Before we travel, we go on a Retail/Online Arbitrage binge, stock up to the high heavens, ship it all in, tie up any loose ends and we’re out!

Big Plans For Our Future!!!

As our business continues to grow we are constantly looking for ways to automate and outsource. Just in the past two months we have been diving deep into Online Arbitrage. This has freed up a lot of time for us, as we can not only shop from home but we send all of our products to an awesome FBA prep and ship facility so we never touch a thing but the keyboard and mouse-pad. It’s all digital!

Not saying that we are done with Retail Arbitrage, because we’re not. Heck, we just made a quick run to Home Depot the other day, bought 4 items at $66/unit and we’ll sell them for $300/unit on Amazon. Those deals are the types of home runs that will keep us doing Retail Arbitrage and singing praises to its viability and easy barrier to entry for FBA newbies.

All that said, the big news is what we are doing in December and beyond…quebec2

Come December, Nessa and I are moving to Quebec City. (Nessa’s old stomping grounds.) I know, you may think that we’re sick, but we certainly are aware that it is winter there. And yes, it’s always summer in San Diego. But if you’ve never been, QC is one of the most charming cities in the world and is a great place to spend the holidays. We’ll be close to her family and I invited my mom and step-dad for Christmas. (They’re stoked! Look at the photo to the right and below. That’s home!)


Within the past two weeks, we decided that we were making this move, booked an AirBNB from December 1st to January 4th, bought our plane tickets and already started minimalizing around our already minimalistic studio.
While that’s big news and everything, it gets even bigger. After our 5 week winter wonderland is up in QC, we are heading back to the West Coast….of MEXICO!!! Lol. Do you think we’re out of control yet?


We’ve always kicked around the idea but now we’ve finally “locked” it in, as we’re being very decisive these days.

Where in Mexico, you say? Puerto Escondido is where we’ll be retreating to after we get enough cold weather in us. Known for it’s heavy surf, laid back vibe and lightning speed Wi-Fi, we know it’ll be a perfect place for us to continue to grow our business, publish great content and, most importantly, enjoy our life.

The road doesn’t end there. We only intend on living in Puerto Escondido for 3 months and then we’ll be on to the next city for 3 months. We haven’t thought that far into the future but we’ll keep you posted as our life changes.

One thing that won’t change is the content that we’re going to keep dishing out. With each step that we take in our life and business, we’ll be sure to whip it up into a powerful post. Don’t think that we are going into hibernation because we have only just begun.

Quarter 4 is here and we are ready to take a bite of this profit pie! Worry not, we’ll be sharing it all!