FBA Fulfillment CompaniesUsing FBA Fulfillment Companies & Freight Forwarders, also known as a Prep and Ship services, can be a game changer for your business. It was definitely a milestone for our business, as we discuss in great detail in one of our most popular blog posts. (Check it out here).

For one, it can free up the time consuming tasks of Prepping and Shipping your products to FBA warehouses. BUT, for those of you doing Online Arbitrage, you can avoid paying sales tax and really spike your profitability. We even use Chinese Freight Forwarders to take our Private Label Products from China directly to Amazon FBA – for efficient, seamless logistics.

Below you’ll find the list of companies, comprising only companies that we have actually used and would recommend.




United Kingdom

United States


MONTANA (No Sales Tax)

OREGON (No Sales Tax)



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