Want To Learn How We Took Our Sales From $0-$30K

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I bet you do! Most people getting started just want to know, "how much money do I need to replace my full time income?" Since this varies greatly from person to person, we decided to lay out our journey of how we went from $0 sales in December 2014 to over $30,000 in sales by December 2015. Full of great nuggets of information and words of inspiration, you should totally get started here!

>> $0-$30K in 12 Months <<


What Is Amazon & Why Is There So Much Opportunity For Sellers?

Believe it or not, despite just how many sales go down on Amazon, many people don’t quite understand how it works.

Amazon, like eBay, is a marketplace where pretty much anyone who registers with an email address and bank account can start selling.

With 3rd party sellers comprising approximately 40% of Amazon's sales, there’s a good chance that if you’ve ever bought something on Amazon, that you haven’t actually bought it FROM Amazon.

Since eBay is a pretty well understood marketplace, I’ll draw some comparison’s to show you just have different they are.

Fist, let’s put things into perspective so you understand why we aren’t eBay sellers, but rather Amazon sellers.

Here are the big ones:

  • Sales Volume - According to Statista.com, Amazon 2014 US Sales were $88.99 Billion, whereas eBay 2014 US Sales were $8.5 Billion. Enough said?
  • Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA) – With Amazon, sellers can fulfill their items on their own as Merchants (FBM) or using Amazon’s Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA) program. FBA allows you to store your products in an Amazon warehouse, and when they are sold, Amazon handles shipping and all customer service. This makes it possible for sellers, like us, to never touch a product! eBay does not offer this service.
  • 1 Word: Prime - Amazon offers the cheapest, fastest shipping times on the planet. As many have come to know, when you are a Prime member you get free 2-Day shipping on almost all products. That’s one of the biggest reasons customers buy products on Amazon versus any other eCommerce site. Additionally, when you use FBA your products get the Prime designation, meaning more sales!
  • Extremely Disproportionate Number of Sellers to Buyers - According to a new survey in 2015, Amazon has somewhere between 60-80 MILLION Prime members, and almost 50 MILLION of them are in the US. However, according to a 2014 WSJ report, the number of 3rd party sellers are "more than 2 million." So, whether you're good at math or not, it's pretty easy to see that there's an amazing opportunity for new sellers to serve the rapidly growing customer base of Amazon. 


There's no doubt, the future for Amazon Sellers is bright.

Now, the only decision remaining is to ask yourself, "Am I going to be part of it?" 


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