BP How I Took A 500K Rank To A 50K Rank

Have you found a profitable product, but the product listing is in disarray? Sometimes you just have a good feeling about a product, and even though the rank is disgustingly high you feel like you can get sales.

I often get this feeling when I see a product, especially in one of my wheelhouse niches, and the Amazon listing looks like it was created during a hurricane.

Seriously, if you have a good feeling about a product, but it is lacking in rank, a bit of a clean up to the listing can go a long way.

Here we’ll cover the two ways you can update an Amazon listing without using one of those cumbersome and often overwhelming flat files. And yes, I took a 500K Rank to a 50K rank by using this technique.

Product Breakdown

For this case study, I will be using a product that I found on eBay which sells pretty well in stock at Home Depot for $49.98. Let’s start with the vitals. (Note, the product is not a strong seller on Amazon, but I got it for a heck of a deal and know that with the write listing and price it’ll move profitably.)

Moen 21920 2.5 GPM Single Function Shower Head from the Telford Collection, Chrome

  • Buy Price = $21.60
  • Amazon’s Low Price FBA = $49.98
  • Profit Margin = $15.65 (factors in buy price, FBA fees and inbound shipping)
  • Amazon Best Seller’s Rank = #445,082 in Home Improvement
  • # of units purchased = 2


Identifying Room For Improvement

Ashvile Product Page

So you’ve looked at the “vitals” and see that it’s a very profitable item, yielding $15.65/unit and 72.45% ROI. However, the rank is dreadful. But ranks change, especially if you spruce up the listing. Let’s look at the areas that we can improve upon.

1) Title – Although the title isn’t too shabby, there are some items that need to be addressed. For one, the first 4 words in the title have the MOST impact on your product listing. And I highly doubt that “2.5” and “GPM” is something that customers are primarily searching. Instead, we’ll use more powerful keywords that get more traffic. Last thing, the collection “Telford” is wrong as it’s clearly written Ashville on the product, HomeDepot.com and Moen.com. We’ll change that too.

2-3) Pricing – You can see that we are in the Buy Box at $79.95 and Amazon isn’t with a price of $49.98. Why? That’s because they are temporarily out of stock and I’ll try and strike a higher price while I can. But from what it looks like, this product isn’t moving so we’ll need to be more in line with Amazon’s price, in addition to updating this listing.

4) Bullet Points – These are some painfully vague bullet points. They could apply to almost any Moen listing. We want to give customers selling points and use terms that will drive traffic, so don’t be lazy here.

5) Photos – When I see photos like these it makes me cringe. Amazon customers shop on Amazon because they get the best marketplace experience, with great pricing and quality products. The photos in this listing are very representative of an eBay listing and if they wanted a product from eBay, they would, well, be shopping on eBay. So, we’ll have to snag some manufacturer photos from Moen.com. Last thing here is that the photos aren’t even compliant, as the main image needs to be on a clear white background without any packaging.

6) Product Description – Let’s not forget this one. Although it’s below the fold, it’s there for a reason. That is, to offer additional information for those who want some more in depth details. And while there is a little information already provided, more is better.

How To Improve Your Amazon Listing

Now that we’ve identified areas to improve on the product listing, it is time to make edits. And this can be done in two places. Let’s start with Option 1.

Option 1: Editing Listing From “Manage Inventory”

Please note that this option is most effective when you are the original creator of the listing. It avoids having to contact Amazon Seller Support, which we’ll talk about later, and speeds up the time it takes to update the listing. However, if you aren’t the original creator of the listing, which we aren’t in this case, you’ll want to jump to Option 2. For shiggles, let’s pretend that we did create this listing…

From your seller dashboard, click on “manage inventory” under the “inventory” tab.

Step1 (Manage Inventory)

Then, you will need to search for the product listing you want to edit. Once you pinpoint it, click on “edit” from the drop down on the right of the screen.

Step3 (Edit)

From this page, you will not only have the ability to add new product images, but you can request to change the title, bullet points, product description, etc.

Vital Info

In this section you’ll be able to update the title, manufacturer, brand name, etc. When creating your title, you can use tools like Merchant Words, Terapeak or just as easily use the Amazon search bar. These will all help you to pinpoint what terms customers are searching for. Once your title is written, make sure that it is in compliance with Amazon’s guidelines. For example, you can only use 50 characters in the Home Improvement category, so make sure it is short and sweet.

Step4b Vital Info

Product Images

Since this is a Moen product, I went to their website, found this product and saved the images to my desktop.


As you can see, they have 2 photos on their website. Now I’ll use these to replace those janky looking photos. Just make sure when you’re saving these photos, you click into the photo so it expands, therefore allowing you to save the photo with the largest pixels. The bigger the better! (You’ll need it to be 1000+ pixels for it to be “Zoomable.”)

Although it doesn’t matter in this case, keep in mind that ONLY the images that you add here will be added to the product listing. If they aren’t shown in this upload section, then they won’t appear on the product listing. Basically, if these attached photos get added, it will delete/replace all of the current photos.

You can refer to Product images style guideline for more details on images.

Step5 Photos

Bullet Points

Click on “description” at the top of the page to edit your bullet points. Again, you won’t see the bullet points that are already on the product page (unless you created the listing), so if you want to keep some you need to add them onto this page. Otherwise, Amazon is ONLY going to use the ones that you add.

While here, you can also update the Product Description.

Step6 Bullet Points

Now that we have our Vital Info, Product Images, Bullet Points and Product Description revised, it’s time to save and finish.

From here it’s just a matter of Amazon updating the product listing. But like I said earlier, if you did not create this product listing, it is hit or miss if this will work. So, if you’re not the creator, Option 2 is where you’ll want to focus your time.

Option 2: Contact Seller Support

This option is much faster, and is where you’ll be able to follow up on the status of your updates or simply revise content if you’re not the original listing creator.

From your seller’s dashboard, click on “help” at the top right of the page.


On the help page, scroll down to the bottom and click on “contact us.”

Contact Us

Selecting Your Issue

Time to select the reason for contacting seller support, and then add in your edits.

Step 1: Click Product and inventory
Step 2: Click Product page issues
Step 3: Click Fix a product page
Step 4: Search and select the product under “Find a product to update”


Adding Your Edits

Step 1: Select all of the attributes you want to edit under “What would you like to fix”
Step 2-3: Enter in the information that you would like to have added to the product page. (Same concepts apply with keywords, as we talked about in Option 1.)
Step 4: Add another attribute if necessary. (I only selected Title and Bullet Points.)
Step 5: Providing Proof. (Amazon wants to see a valid reason for your changes, and the easiest way is to refer them to the manufacturer’s product page. However, you could also select the other responses available if you can’t find the product on an authoritative website, but for now we will just address this one.)
Step 6: Additional comments. (Since you aren’t allowed to add images this way, you’ll want to refer them to either the “manage inventory” page where you can upload your photos, or simply let them know that you will email the images to them when you get their first email response.)

Update Selections and Info

Click send and wait…

Since I’m impatient, I check the status often instead of just waiting to get an email.

You can check your approval status by clicking on “view your case log” on the right side of your seller’s dashboard. You will see “pending amazon action” or “answered.”

Case Log


Once it says answered, it’s time for the verdict. Will they edit the listing, or won’t they? Or maybe they just need some more information. Let’s see what happens here.

Amazon's Decision

Look at that! Our request has been approved and processed. I will note, that when I updated the product listing using Option 1, I did not get any results. That’s because I, again, did not create the listing. So, it’s just a matter of knowing which option to use and what information to provide.

Let’s take a look at what the listing looks like now.


Not too shabby. Got the images, title and bullet points updated. Now, let’s see if this new, optimized product listing will spike sales and therefore the rank.

Pending Sales

Would you look at that! Sold both of my units in only 2 days! Let’s see what happened to the rank…

New Sales Rank

Hey now! That should go to show you how volatile rank is. I mean, it went from 400K+ to 58K with just 2 sales.

Yes, of course you could speculate and say that these sales were attributed to the product being back at the “market price,” but I look at listings as a whole. I strongly believe that this product was not moving AT ALL, and the condition of the listing was a major factor, not just the inflated price.

Regardless, whether you have a product that isn’t moving or you just have that “gut” feeling about a potential buy, just know that you have the ability to improve that listing to boost sales and make mama proud!