Want to learn how to use Multi Channel Fulfillment to sell your Amazon FBA inventory on non-Amazon marketplaces?

Come watch and you’ll see how I actually used Multi Channel Fulfillment to pretty creatively sell products I thought I would be stuck with. (Spoiler – I actually used Multi Channel Fulfillment to fulfill Merchant Listings!)

I’ll take you from start to finish covering how I found inactive/stranded products in my FBA inventory, how to create a Merchant Fulfilled listing for these products and, most importantly, how to ship these products to your customers using Amazon’s Multi Channel Fulfillment (MCF).

To learn more about Multi Channel Fulfillment and how you can implement it into your business, come check out this comprehensive article HERE!

Whether you use Multi Channel Fulfillment, the way shown in this video, or to sell on any other marketplace, you’ll walk away knowing each step of the process.

Really, it comes down to 4 steps which you’ll learn in this video:

– Having items in stock at Amazon FBA.

– Creating a listing on Amazon as a Merchant Fulfiller, on eBay, on your own website or any other eCommerce platform.

– Waiting until your product sells.

– Shipping your product to the customer using Amazon’s Multi Channel Fulfillment.

And so much more!

I’m sure by the time this video is over, you’ll be more than ready to benefit from all the opportunities of using Multi Channel Fulfillment.

Let’s go and “channel” our efforts!