Amazon FBA Refunds & Returns:

Lower Your Risk, Find Reimbursements & Sell Those Returns!

Refunds are without a doubt the biggest pain in the neck and severely impact Amazon Sellers' bottom line.

As much as we love to see those notifications saying, "your item has sold" we just can't stand seeing "Refund initiated for order..."

And if that's not bad enough, Refunds for products sold via FBA are actually provided to customers before they even Return the product!!!

But what if the customer doesn't Return the product after 30 days?

Amazon is supposed to "automatically" Reimburse you. And while they don't do it intentionally, it's very often the case that they miss a Reimbursement here and there "due to system errors."

So, it is vital to our business to stay on top of this and make sure that we aren't losing money and inventory.

Download our in-depth Guide to find out how!

The 411 on amazon refunds


Despite just how painstaking it can be to get a solid grasp on the whole Refunds Process, we've spent a lot of time researching the ins and outs of Amazon Refunds and have it neatly summed up into an easy to follow book with tons of actionable information.

One of the biggest take aways will be discovering how we've generated thousands of dollars in Reimbursements in just 3 months!

Seriously! Here's a Reimbursement email that we got recently just by following our system:

Reimbursement from 411 on Amazon refunds

If you want to get back your well-deserved money, all you need to do is follow our proven system and in no time you'll have a hefty chunk of change waiting for you in your Amazon payout.

And you can get your hands on all this information in our detailed Guide: 

Here's what you'll learn:

  • Lowering Your Refund Rate
  • Getting Reimbursed For Refunds
  • Creating Removal Orders, Remotely
  • Getting Reimbursed For Defective Returns
  • Reselling Returns, At A Premium

PLUS, you'll get our Refund Tracker Spreadsheet and ALL of our Email Templates that we use to get Reimbursed, efficiently.

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