Learn How Ship Products To A FBA Warehouse…In Canada!

I’ll take you from start to finish covering what products we bought, how to list them, how to create a shipment and, most importantly, how to find the MOST COMPETITIVE SHIPPING RATES.

Whether you live in Canada, the USA, United Kingdom or anywhere around the globe, this video will give you everything you need to know to successfully create and send a shipment to a Canadian FBA warehouse.

We are full time Amazon.com sellers and moved to Quebec City, Canada in December 2015. And we are going to show you just how easy, but different, it is to begin selling your products in the Canadian Marketplace…FBA of course!

Really, it comes down to 5 steps which you’ll learn in this video:

– Becoming eligible to sell internationally (http://services.amazon.com/global-selling/registration-requirements.htm)

– Adding products to your inventory

– Creating your shipment

– Buying postage (Knowing which one to buy will save you TIME and MONEY!)

– Getting your products picked up, FOR FREE!

And so much more!

I’m sure by the time this video is over, you’ll be more than ready to get your first Canada FBA shipment out the door. Maybe even today!

Let’s get into it then…