Hey, you…yeah, that’s right. Are you a current or prospective Amazon seller? Then you are in the right place.

New to the site? Well, you gotta start somewhere. And sometimes websites can be a smidge difficult to navigate. So, we are going to help you find your way around. You’re welcome. 😉

Really, there are a few places that you should familiarize yourself with.

Who are the NewlyPreneurs?

EJNESSaLet’s be honest. You should get acquainted with us (Nessa, my wife & EJ, me) first before you start meandering around the website. After all, you might not like who we are. But hopefully you will, and you’ll be able to see what has gotten us to this point in our Amazon business.


It always helps to know a bit about who’s writing the content before you start reading. It should put some context behind the dynamics of us being married and working as partners on our Amazon biz.

About Us


Get a Copy of our FBA Blueprint!

FBA Blueprint PDF CoverNew to Amazon and/or the whole Retail Arbitrage business? Don’t want to read through all of the blog posts to help get your Amazon FBA business going?


Weeelllllll, since we are such nice people (come on didn’t you read our about page yet?), we have set up a comprehensive, step-by-step process for you to go from not having an Amazon Sellers account to having products listed and ready to sell on Amazon in just a few simple but detailed steps.

Oh wait, there’s more. It’s free!!! What up!


If you want to sink your teeth into your own Amazon FBA business, get set up with your Free FBA Blueprint here.

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 Keepin’ it transparent with Income Reports.

IncomeReportsIf you want to inspire yourself or just get a clear picture of what’s going on in our business, the Income Reports is the place to be.

Every month, Nessa compiles all of our numbers for the past month, breaking down our Total Sales, Expenses, Profit, ROI and much more.


Our goal is to show you what can be achieved when you follow what we teach, while also showing that we don’t have a perfect business. At the end of each report, we identify at least one weakness that we need to improve in order to optimize our business for the long term.

Income Reports

The Blog, Written FOR YOU!

Over at the Blog, you’ll find that we share our experiences with our Amazon business, write thoughtful articles geared to helping start/grow your Amazon FBA business and dish out some kick-ass case studies.


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