Looking to get your FBA business running full speed but not sure what tools you need? You’ve come to the right place, because this page is where we share all of the tools that we use in our business.

You’ll find that we’ve broken these tools into 3 categories: Essentials, Game Changers and Advanced. You should definitely get yourself the Essentials, and we strongly encourage you to get the Game Changers too! They will make your business flow much easier, and free up more time, which you can dedicate to money making activities or just sipping Pina Coladas on the beach. (Whatever floats your boat.) As for Advanced, this is something that you should look into after you reach your 6 month point or $5,000/month in Amazon Revenue. Whichever comes first. You’ll know when you need Advanced tools.

new crew tools

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A printer is merely a necessity with this business. You will especially need a reliable one to print off all of those shipping labels! We have found one that we really like, as it is wireless, compact and prints nice product inserts that we use for some of our Private Label products.

HP Officejet


Product Labels

Although you may or may not be doing commingled inventory, Amazon mandates that you put product labels on certain products. (Not sure what I’m talking about, check out my article about commingled inventory.)

You’ll want to order sheets of 30, 1 x 2 5/8 inch labels per sheet. This is the size that will properly print product labels from the Amazon Product Labels screen.

FBA Product Labels


UPS Shipping Labels

You want to make your life easy, right? Well getting your hands on some FREE UPS shipping labels will not only make your life easier, but it will save you some paper. If you go ahead and create a UPS account, you can order shipping labels and have them delivered right to your door, for FREE! Once you create an account, simply highlight Shipping and click on Order Supplies and then Labels. Make sure you get a stack of UPS WorldShip Peel-and-Stick Labels – (2 per Sheet). You can print your shipping labels directly onto this sheet and it makes things so SIMPLE! Don’t tape your labels to the box or worry about putting labels in pouches. This does it all!

UPS Account Registration

Tape Gun

When it comes time to seal up those precious boxes, it is super handy to have a tape gun. Trust us, it will save you lots of time and hassle fiddling around with some oddly shaped roll of tape.

Uline Tape Gun

Suffocation Warning Labels

According to Amazon policies, any plastic/polybags that have an opening 5 inches or larger needs to have a suffocation label on it. If you happen to buy any products that are already in a polybag without a warning label, or buy polybags without warning labels, you will need these.

Suffocation Warning Labels



Any products that are loose, have exposed materials or items that you don’t want to show common warehouse ware and tear should be put in polybags. When you scan a product in the Amazon Seller’s App or reach the Prep Requirements page in your shipment, you will be alerted if any products have additional prep requirements. It’s good to have an assortment of these polybags so you are ready when the time comes.

You can either buy plain polybags and put suffocation warning labels on them, or you can buy them with the warning labels already printed on them. Whatever you prefer.

For this, you’ll just want to search for the polybag size you want on Amazon. Here are the ones we use most often:

Poly Bags

Refer to this link for more details: Amazon Prep Requirements



Game Changers

Scotty Peelers

Find some killer deals but they are tagged up with clearance labels? Scotty peelers make removing any undesired labels from your merchandise a breeze, while keeping the package looking in mint condition. Not to mention the fact that these things are sharp enough to be used as a box cutter. We often use our Scotty Peelers to open and reshape boxes.

Scotty Peelers


Goo Gone

After peeling off those sticky labels, you might have some leftover adhesive residue on the box. Keep in mind, that it is VERY important that your products are in NEW condition if you intend to sell them this way. So make each package look pristine. Goo Gone does the trick to remove this residue. Just use little bits as this stuff is powerful.

Goo Gone

Digital Scale

When you are preparing your shipment, Amazon will want to know the dimensions and the weight of each box. It’s not worth the time and effort to estimate the weight of each box by pulling up each product’s shipping weight and testing out your addition and multiplication skills. Get your hands on a Digital Scale and rapidly increase your FBA Prep time.

Digital Shipping Scale


UPC Scanner

Instead of typing in each UPC manually, simply plug this into your computer and scan the UPC and it will automatically populate it into the search bar. No muss, no fuss.

UPC Scanner



Dymo LabelWriter

If you want to step your game up, a Dymo LabelWriter helps to speed up your FBA prep. This printer will handle printing all of your Product Labels. As you may already know, when you use a sheet of labels you end up wasting a lot of label space because you often print less than the 30/page amount. Dymo comes in a roll and only prints labels individually so you don’t waste labels. However, this printer is to be used with an inventory management software, as Amazon only accepts 30/page sheets. Personally, we use this with Inventory Lab to process all of our shipments, and as we add each product it automatically prints out the product labels that we need.

DYMO LabelWriter