Find Out How To Get Reimbursed For Lost Inbound Shipments!

Check out this video and see how I got paid $844 by Amazon with only about 15 minutes of investigating my Inbound Shipment Reports.

Whether you “Just Launched” or have a booming biz, this video will give you everything you need to get Reimbursed for products that are lost during the Inbound Shipping process.

We are full time sellers and it’s not uncommon that when you ship your products into Amazon FBA, some products never arrive.

It’s like all of a sudden your units are being checked in, and then it stops. But…there are still units that haven’t been received. While it’s not Amazon’s intention, it happens!

In this video you’ll learn how to:

– Locate “suspect” Inbound Shipments

– Identify if you are Eligible for Reimbursement

– Submit a Reimbursement Request to Amazon

I’m sure by the time this video is over, you’ll be poised to easily reconcile your Inbound Shipments and get the Reimbursements that you deserve!

Let’s start searching…