You ever get Unfulfillable FBA products from Removal Orders and go, “oh, no frickin’ way!”

Yea, we understand. Sometimes customers, almost, get away with Returning products that should never have been Returned in the first place.

In nearly every Removal Order that we create we come across these types of products, BUT we end up getting Reimbursed by Amazon.

The trouble is that we work remotely now, so we had to set up system where we can still evaluate these products from anywhere in the world. And we’ll show you just how we do that in this video!

Honestly, considering how much easier our new process is, we’re asking ourselves why we didn’t do this when we were still living in the United States.

Anyway, what matters is that we now have a great system that lowers our Refund Rate, gets us more Reimbursements and takes the burden out of handling Returns of Defective Products.

Learn more about how to handle Returns and get your well-deserved Reimbursements here!

Whether you are running your Amazon business domestically or abroad, this video will give you everything you need to know to determine if your Unfulfillable FBA products are eligible for Reimbursement.

Really, it comes down to 5 steps:

– Create a Removal Order for your Unfulfillable FBA products

– Send them to an Amazon FBA Prep Company. (We’re big fans of

– Get photos and brief descriptions from your Prep Company.

– Determine if you are Eligible for Reimbursement based on the information.

– Contact Amazon Seller Support for Reimbursement!

For the full details on how to easily manage Refunds and Returns, we suggest watching this video and reading our eBook here:

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